Whatever the reason, people buy and sell houses on a daily basis.

As a professional Realtor, I am interested in helping you sell your home in the fastest and most beneficial way for you.

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Now, if you can sell your home by yourself ...

Why would you hire a Realtor to do the job?

I will visit the property, take great pictures

Discuss with you the best-selling points of your property

Establish the right price for your property

List and publish your property in every possible media

and More ...

It is always a smart decision to have a Realtor by your side

It is not a secret that you can sell the property on your own and do everything a Realtor will do,
but you should ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have the time or want to dedicate the time I have to publish the property?


Am I willing to take calls day and night and explain details that people want to have about the house?

follow up

Am I willing and able to follow up on potential buyers?


Am I willing and able to take appointments and show the house on different and several hours a day, including weekends?


Am I willing to sacrifice my weekends showing the house as it is weekend when people generally have more time?


Do I have the title company to make sure the transfer of your property is done professionally?

If you have answer NO
to one or more of the above questions

You better put the process of selling your home in the professional hands of a Realtor because it is not as hard as it looks here, it is actually harder.

My job as a Professional Realtor is:


To make sure that all the procedures are followed
There are no bumps on the road for you to achieve a fast and clean transaction
Provide professional services related to establish a fair Market Value for your home

What wouldn't I do to sell your property?    Here is some of what I'll do ...

When you are selling your house, you need to let your Realtor know of all the good points that your property features, this is important because as I am sure there are many good reasons why someone would want to buy your house.
I am also sure that many of them are not too evident, thus the need for your Realtor to be aware and make sure the potential buyers are informed of all of them, for example it may be the case that you made a good investment in making your home a Smart Home (Camera, alarm, lights, climate control, surround sound system, etc.).
You have a well in the backyard, the house is conveniently located, A+ schools nearby, etc.

When it comes to putting a price to our most precious possessions there are many feelings involved, and in some cases, they become blinding.
It is your Realtor’s job to make sure the asking price is in correspondence with area.
It is your Realtor, who after doing a market comparable analysis will be able to give you a realistic value for which your house can sell.
The fact that you have probably had the best years of your life in your house, does not increase its value, those are valuable only for you.
Some home improvements do not have the impact in the price that sometimes we expect, and this is why the Realtor’s analysis will help you, as the seller, determining a realistic value of your property and this will put us on the way to selling it fast.

As a Realtor and business man, I know that publicity is of the highest importance at the time of selling anything, a house, a car, a commercial property, etc.
Realtors currently have a system available (MLS) that allows us to put your property in front of thousands of other Realtors who are working with potential buyers for your home or property.
It is my job as your Realtor to put together a good profile for your home that includes an attractive and accurate description with all USP’s, as well as great, eye catching pictures that show the best of your home.
I will publish and promote the sale of your property in all of the other means, such as my website, Facebook, Instagram as well as in highly visible dedicated sites such as realtor.com, Zillow, etc.

Taking care of potential buyer include, taking calls regardless of the time of day or night, follow up on potential buyers, provide information on the property and organize appointments according to what has been agreed with you as the seller.

One of my duties, should you grant me the sale of your house, is to make sure the transaction is clean and within the legal parameters required. The state of Florida requires by law that sellers provide buyers with a Property Disclosure Form(PDF) which is the way for the seller to inform of disclose all known material facts that may affect the price of the home for sale and that are not readily observable or known by the buyer.
In this form, you the seller, will disclose to the buyer whatever you know about the property that could impact the price, but it is the buyer’s responsibility to request and pay for inspections and independent appraisals should he/she deem it necessary.

Buyers usually have many questions, I will be willing and ready to answer them and come with them to show the property whenever necessary.

The least anyone wants or needs is to have hundreds of offers that can result in a No Go, due to the fact that the offering party does not qualifies for the necessary level of loan required to purchase the property.
As your Realtor, I will make sure that whoever produces an offer, provides the necessary proof of funds, pre-approved loan(DU), etc. to avoid keeping the house for someone who later proves to be Not credit worthy and make us waste time and maybe even disregard other valid offers.

It is my duty to present all offers submitted by potential buyers and I will do just that because it is entirely up to you as the seller to accept them or not, but there will be cases in which you may require some haggling and I will be there to negotiate with the buyer to bring him/her to terms.

The more the better, this phrase also applies when selling a house. The more we publish it, the better and faster it will sell, so placing a FOR SALE sign in the front garden of the property can raise a lot of interest in people passing by, neighbors, etc.
My company name, my name and ways to contact me will be clearly established in the sign, and I will also include a short notice of “By Appointment ONLY” so that people do not come knocking at your door asking for information.

An OPEN HOUSE event is something very common and another good way to promote the sale of a property, they are usually held in the afternoons and on weekends, I love OPEN HOUSE events, but should I see the need to do it, I will discuss it further with you.

If the house is empty and you agree I will additionally put a lockbox* in your house door so that other realtors with their buyers can visit the house at their own convenience and time, this is of course after previously coordinating the visit with me.
*Lockbox (a small and secure locked box inside of which the housekey is securely kept and only Realtors with authorization can access).

I will provide you, as the seller, with the names and contact details of the professionals that I work with so that, should you decide to use their services, you can communicate directly with them. This includes, tittle companies, appraisers, inspectors, etc.

Generally, the seller or the seller’s agent do not attend the closing, it is not really necessary when the job has been professionally done and all steps have been taken to secure a clean closing, however in most cases I prefer to attend just in case and be there to see the end of my work.

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Here is an example of the type of statistics I can access as a Realtor

Median List Price for a type of property in the lapse of a year per Zip Code, City and County.

Like in every aspect of life, choosing the right companion or aid is of extreme importance

if you are selling your home or any other property, let me come and meet you, let me be the right companion in this moment of stress and important decisions.

Let me help you make this process a beneficial and nice experience.

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